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postcards from the new world

new music from the city

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music from the show based on the Irish Rising of Easter Week, 1916, featuring singers Lisa Lambe, Ruth McGill, Jayne Wisener, Emmet Cahill, Stephen O'Leary, Stephen Jones, Emmet Kirwan, & Fiachna Ó Braonáin. Book & Script by Barry Devlin, Produced by Ned O'Hanlon, Directed by Michael Barker-Caven

featuring ~ Fiddle: Pat Mangan, Cello: Adrian Mantu/Adele O'Dwyer, Trumpet: Niall O'Sullivan, Uilleann Pipes/Flute: Mark Redmond, Guitars/Mandolin/Banjo: Ewan Cowley, Percussion/Bodhrán: Andrew Reilly. Engineered by Ciarán Byrne

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Words & Music